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Monday, August 25, 2008

Integrated Inquiry planning model (Kath Murdoch) 2007

Powerful tool! I hope to put up a discussion on this in a DST community site somewhere, similar to Prof Aleta's DSST community site, so that people can talk about it. And so that we can get students' insights too. After all, our students are teachers themselves, right? We should be partners with them, not high and mighty professors.

This blogging widget I placed on my personalized start page at UPOU google apps is nice. I'm finally blogging! Yay me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gender Mainstreaming Chat today!

Today we had a chat session with our classmates in the Gender Mainstreaming class I signed up for with Inwent. Our facilitator is from the Netherlands, but she is Belgian. We have classmates from China, Hong Kong, Cameroon, Iran, Peru, Vietnam, and as yet undisclosed locations. It was fun chatting with them, we had good discussions about the gender issues in education.

I guess a lot of the success in distance ed lies more on the students engaging with other students rather than in the faculty trying to make students engage. I am now really interested in our course, so I make it a point to know my classmates and learn from them. Being a student for a change is very educational... oops, it was supposed to be that way to being with, right?