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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peace, Security, and Identity: Peace and Privilege

(Part 1/4 of the essay Peace, Security and Identity: A proposal for the youth of Southeast Asia

When asked what the youth can do to contribute to the development of the ASEAN, it is at once evident that the successor generation – our generation – has a lot to contribute. For one, we were born after the founding of the ASEAN, at the period when most, if not all, armed conflict between nations have already been on their way to resolution. Thus, we are fortunate to witness the fruits of peacetime, where looking for mutual goals and meeting mutual needs are high on the negotiating table, and when fear and suspicion has been replaced by openness, friendship, and trust. This is furthered by the growth of the Internet and affordable regional travel (as well as the removal of tourist visa requirements for ASEAN nationals), which has allowed for online and real-life seeking and meeting of minds and cultures for everyday people.

We are a privileged generation, free of the insecurities of conflict and restrictions of distrust, and we are called to make the most of this privilege to celebrate and explore and innovate on the diversity of communities that the ASEAN has to offer.

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