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Sunday, August 06, 2006

kukuryu: an ode to human hands

yesterday found me in the Cherry Laboratories, the manufacturer of Kukuryu cosmetics in the Philippines. They were in the midst of extensive renovations which changed the 40-something year old plant. It was nice to know that these cosmetics are still made by human hands. At fist it was rather discomfiting, after having seen machines do a much more sterile job of it... But now I believe that the success of the plant is in its use of human hands and with it human eyes and human hearts... I was asking about quality control measures and the house pharmacist looked questioningly: quality control? Well the nature of the business was that there was quality control at every point of the process because the people who create the powders -- from mixing and blending and sifting and pressing and packing and putting them into boxes -- were unlike machines which could churn out by the hundreds and thousands, but were people with eyes and hands and noses, could pick up a minute imperfection with perfect accuracy, and remove those which do not pass without anyone telling them to do so.

so goodluck and congratulations to Cherry Laboratories, and the people behind the powders!