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Friday, November 07, 2008

what I learned today (from my overstuffed yahoo address)

1. Black hose is hot. Or so says Missus Smarty Pants, the fashionista email I get every so often. Today's email contains advise on which hose to wear to which occassion (white is for little girls, and the sheerer the hose, the more formal the occassion) and exactly what shoes to wear with a navy dress (navy is a smart neutral and can take any color, such as black, taupe, beige, silver, or animal prints). Not that I have such ambitions for shoes and hose in my extensively (and almost exclusively) black wardrobe, but it never hurts to know these all-girl details, yes? Kinda reinforces my double-X status.
2. Chocolate rules! Chocolate consumption has been ruled to be good for the heart (of course it is!), and recent information have shown that pregnant women can actually safely consume caffeine in 4 bars (YUM) of chocolate!
3. The NAS has published a study (now sitting quietly on my desktop) about Master's degrees and community colleges which grant them (as well as for-profit colleges), which it laments has not been as closely watched as PhD-granting institutes, even though it is more necessary for industry as well as majority of post graduate students are enrolled in a master's degree program.
4. It's time for us to plan our Hajj lesson, since DhulHijjah is just around the corner.
Apparently I have no Obama feeds, so I am blissfully unaware of the US elections.

till tomorrow!


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